Regent XD Virtual Reality Cinema

Our simulated rides allow customers to immerse themselves into the world of virtual reality in mobile platforms that move synchronously with projected three dimensional ("3D") visuals making the experience as close to real life as possible!

9D VR Simulator

Watch 9D Virtual Reality movies and play interactive games on this simulator. using 360 degree Virtual Reality Glasses, you will be totally immersed in the action.

An unforgettable experience!

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5D Motion Cinema

Cinema style seating plan with headphones and hi-tech virtual reality goggles that simulate fairground rides like rollercoasters as well as car racing, deep space travel, underwater adventures and many more!

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Gift Certificates

Gift certificates and vouchers for any amount available! Perfect gifts to loved ones for celebration and fun! Also great as corporate giveaways!

Discounts available for groups, birthday parties and summer camps!

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